January is enchanted with a three-part Magical Tournament filled with opportunities for all our players. With three dates, spread out across the month, all players are invited to focus on exclusive games and win cash prizes. 

We've already had The Magic Faries Tournament on the 16th, and the Alice Slot Tourney on the 23rd  - but we really saved the BEST for last!

Here's your chance to engage your players in the real magic: the Wizard Fortune Tournament, starting on the 30th at 12:00 (UTC) and available for 24 hours sharp


How it works:

  • All our players gain points by wagering in the featured game for 24 hours. By wagering they collect points which moves them up a divisional VIP scoreboard.

  • Our players compete with players at their own VIP level, this means that new players are on an equal playing field with the most veteran of players.

  • At the end of the day, the top 10 scoreboard players will be awarded cash prizes. 


Don't let your players miss out this amazing opportunity to win easy money!


Ping us for more info and dedicated creative materials for this promo.