The Million Points Race

145-22 of May

Tell your players to put on their running shoes, accumulate tons of VIP Points, and rise up the VIP Levels for tantalizing packages and cash-out from our VIP Store!

How it works:

This special Tournament has 1 million VIP Points to distribute amongst 200 players, (ranging from Entry Level all the way to Diamond VIP Level). Players compete against each other in 4 categories - with 50 winners (VIP Point receivers) in each category. The top 200 leading players overall will receive a total of 1 million points at the end of the tournament.

Participation in the race is automatic for all eligible players (registered players with least one successful deposit in the past):

Wagering normally on one of our sites, for every X amount of wagers, players get Tournament Points. The top 50 wagerers throughout the tournament in each category receive VIP Points according to the amount they wagered (or their respective place in the top 50 of their VIP categories) at the end of the tournament.  The more VIP Points they accumulate, the better the packages and cash-outs they get from our VIP Store.

Prizes will be distributed to the winners automatically within 5 business days of the promotion’s end, and winners will be notified via email within that time frame.


On the Social Menu:


This May we have a No Diet Day promo - all players have to do for a chance to grab a tasty bonus is comment and tell us what their weakness is. We also have a super easy ‘spot the difference’ challenge for a chance to win a prize where players simply have to spot 3 differences between two images of one of our games.


Get involved: use these cool mini-promos to get your players to participate. This is a really easy way to win cool prizes!  



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