Mount Treasure

16-23 January

Send your players hiking up Mount Treasure  to exploit 18 treasure locations and collect lucrative VIP Points!

How it works:

Players play their favourite games as usual, clicking on the Mountain Map that appears on their screen to see their progress (how many more VIP Points they must collect to get the next bonus prize).  

The more they play, the more VIP Point they collect and the greater the bonuses they can redeem from our VIP Store at the end of the promotion. Once they reach the top, they simply start anew to gather more VIP Points on their way up - as many times as they want.

- Applicable to all games and all real players.



What’s on the menu this month?


  • A trivia game for Trivia Day (Jan 4th) with 2 multiple choice questions and chances to win a prize.  

  • A really silly and fun competition for Dress Your Pet Up Day (yes, it actually exists) where players post pictures of their adorable pets in funny clothes for a chance to win  prizes (safety and comfort form part of the criteria, in case you’re concerned).

  • The Vegas Cash Challenge -  the easiest chance to win a bonus prize by watching a video and telling us the figures of the game’s ‘big win’ that appear on the screen.

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