July 17th-24th

During July we will run week-long tournament around 3 of our exclusive in-house games:

  • Atlantis Riches of the Deep
  •  ‘Poseidon Fortune
  • ‘Mermaid Wild’.  

How does it work?


The tournament will be divided into 4 segments (categories). Players from each segment will compete only within their category:

  1. Real (non VIP)
  2. Bronze & Silver
  3. Gold & Platinum
  4. Diamond

Players will accumulate Tournament Points when they wager one of the aforementioned games during the tournament’s timeframe. The first 10 players from each segment who have collected the most points within this timeframe will win prizes.

Players can review their respective place within the category on the regularly updated leaderboard during the tournament by clicking on the designated slider in the lobby.

The winners’ Chart will contain each player’s first name, the first letter of their last name, rank in promo and their rank’s prize.

The specific player’s info will contain the total accumulated points player has.


The top 10 players from each level will get the cash prizes of up to € 19,450.00!!!