The Million Points Race

 12.09.2018, 12:00 (UTC) noon -  19.09.2018, 23:59 (UTC)

This September, players race up the VIP Ladder in a fierce battle for VIP Points in the ultimate money-making tournament!


This special Tournament has 1 million VIP Points to distribute amongst 200 players, ranging from Entry Level all the way to Diamond VIP Level, who compete in 4 categories: 1) Entry; 2) Bronze & Silver; 3) Gold & Platinum; 4) Diamond  - with 50 winners (VIP Point receivers) in each category. I.e. At the end of the specified period, the top 200 leading players will receive a total of 1 million VIP Points. 

The Million Points Race ultimately encourages players to compete for their place in the top 50 of their category; incentivising them to wager as much as possible, in order to win VIP Points.

Participation in the race, as is with all our tournaments and side-promos, is automatic for all eligible players - that is, those registered and have at least one successful deposit in their history competeautomatically.

How it all works:

Players compete against each other - within their own category. They do this by wagering normally on one of our sites and and accumulating Tournament Points for their wagers along the way.The top 50 wagerers throughout the tournament in each category receive VIP Points according to the amount they wagered (/their respective place in the top 50 of their category) at the end of the tournament.  Of course, the more VIP Points they accumulate, the better the packages and cash-outs they get from our VIP Store.

The max payoutis 75,000 VIP Points for first place in the Diamond category.(Max payout/1st place by other categories: Entry -15,000; Bronze & Silver - 30, 000 VIP Points;  Gold & Platinum - 50,000 VIP Points).

Visuals & tech

As players play on our platform, a flag appears on the left, with a table indicating the current top 50 players of each category, with a ("last updated") timestamp  that will be updated on an hourly basis. In a separate, additional window indicating how many Tournament Points in total that particular player has accumulated, the player will be able to see how close they are to making the list of winners - should their name not appear in it - and be encouraged to keep wagering.


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