Around The World Promotion

04.03.2020 - 22.03.2020

Players will take a journey across the globe by playing normally and earning scratch cards along the way in this fun, multi-tier promotion!

How it works:

All players have to do is wager normally until they get a scratch card. 3 identical matching symbols of a given city gets them an instant bonus prize (each city has a different value). They can win the same ticket again and again, but the objective is to travel as much as they can around the world and collect the big prizes:

In order to collect a grand Country Prize, players will have to collect 4 cities in that country and in order to collect the even bigger Continent Prize, they must collect 4 countries in a given continent. Each city, country, continent has a different value. For instance, America €2,000; Asia €2,500 and Europe €3,000. In order to collect the grand ‘World Prize’ of €10,000, they’ll need to collect 4 continents. Travelling the world has never been so lucrative!