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Affiliate program vs Affiliate network

April 4, 2021 articles

Affiliate programs are one of the most powerful tools that online casinos have available in their arsenals. Many casino brands pay affiliates to drive new members to their websites. In fact, it’s one of the primary marketing tools many iGaming sites use.

However, many people still struggle to understand the difference between affiliate programs and affiliate networks. If you’re not sure whether to join affiliate marketing programs or networks, this article is for you!

We’re going to take a closer look at programs and networks to help you decide which one would suit you best.

What's an affiliate program?

Despite the rising popularity of affiliate marketing solutions and programs, many people still don’t quite understand what they are or how they work in the iGaming industry. That’s alright, though; everyone needs to start somewhere.

A casino affiliate program can also be called an ‘associate program’. It’s a system that enables members, or affiliate marketers, to earn commission by sending traffic to the gambling website.

In other words, you get paid for sending a player to a particular casino or betting site. The method you use doesn’t matter. You can use blog posts, websites, direct market, or referrals.

Depending on your agreement with the program operator, you’ll earn payment in one of three ways:

How do i get paid as an affiliate?

There are three main payment models for making money through affiliate marketing. These are CPA, CPL, and Revenue Share.

  • CPA means Cost per Acquisition. You’ll get paid whenever a player you referred makes his first deposit.
  • CPL means Cost per Lead. In this model, you’ll get paid once a player you referred makes his registration on the site.
  • Revenue Share, or Rev Share, means that you’ll get a portion of whatever the player loses if they register through your link.

Revenue share is one of the most common and tempting payment models used by affiliate programs. That said, there are a few risks that come with Rev Share models.

For example, if a player loses, you get a cut of their losses. However, if he will win, the money you earned can be clawed back, leaving you with a negative balance. While some programs reset it at the end of the month, others don’t. Make sure that you choose your model carefully.

Affiliate program pros

  • Low investment to get started
  • Don’t require licenses or fees
  • You don’t need to keep inventory
  • Relatively easy to begin earning
  • Excellent passive income potential
  • Marketing Kits are often provided
  • Work directly with brands

Affiliate program pons

  • Strict rules and guidelines to follow
  • Little support and oversight
  • Extremely competitive

What's an affiliate network?

If you’ve considered making money through affiliate marketing, you’ve likely heard of networks already. Some of the best affiliate marketing platforms and networks include big brand names like AvantLink and Clickbank.

Like affiliate programs, networks also allow for different ways of earning money. You’ll have access to CPA, CPL, and Rev Share models via the network. However, despite many similarities to programs, affiliate networks are quite different.

For example, affiliate networks act as a third party that connects iGaming brands and casinos with marketers. They’ll often provide you with software or a dashboard to track your clicks, sales funnel, and revenue.

What makes these networks especially powerful is that many brands insist on working exclusively through networks rather than working directly with affiliate marketers. That makes these networks an integral part of affiliate marketing.

Many programs prefer to find their marketers through networks. One of the main reasons is that it limits their involvement and effort. The affiliate network is the one that brings the marketer on board, trains them, and then monitors them.

These networks can also set the kind of revenue you get – pay per click, per member, or revenue share. It’s up to the network to manage the marketer, while the casino and affiliate program provides the necessary products - in this case, an online gambling platform.

Affiliate network pros

  • Many affiliate networks to choose from
  • Networks often feature a wide range of brands to work with
  • Low cost to get started
  • Marketing kits are provided
  • Performance-based income
  • Dashboard and tracking options provided

Affiliate network cons

  • You have no control over the network or the programs
  • You can’t control or influence the competition
  • No revenue guaranteed
  • You must work through a third party
  • You need to obey strict content rules and guidelines

Why you should choose NetoPartners affiliate program

NetoPartners is one of the leading scratch- and slot affiliate marketing programs in the iGaming industry. We have more than ten years of experience, and we offer a robust portfolio with a broad and exclusive range of brands.

Being one of the top affiliate programs online today, thousands of members trust NetoPartners to help them make money with affiliate marketing – and with good reason.

First, we cater deals to the requirements of our marketers. We work with CPA, CPL, Hybrid, and Rev Share payment models, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Your commission plan will be tailor-made to suit your needs. Payments are done quickly and are easy to be tracked!

Our program includes several excellent slots, scratch cards, and instant win games. We have five exclusive in-house brands, with over 150 games.

One of the most significant benefits of working with NetoPartners is that we provide all the marketing material. With pre-set landing pages and promotional ads, you’ll have everything you need to get a solid start.

We offer 24/7 support with a dedicated affiliate team. They can guide you through the process, provide marketing materials, and some of the best affiliate marketing tips to help you generate revenue.

Why choose NetoPartners? Because, we are working with you and we support you every step of the way!


Joining an affiliate marketing program can be a big step, especially if you don’t understand your options and what you’re getting into. Understanding the difference between networks and programs can help you navigate these marketing models.

Do your research, explore your options, and then choose a system that works for you. With the right tools and support, you can start affiliate marketing today!

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