Spring Promotion at NetoPartners!

Let us reward you with the greatest Apple products this spring!

From 1-31 March, you could win top Apple products as prizes for the traffic you bring in to our partner brands (if certain brands are included/excluded add them here), according to your plan:

On CPA/ RevShare plan:

  • 100 FTDs - you will receive an iPhone 12
  • 500 FTDs - you will receive 2 iPhone 12s!!
  • 1000 FTDs - you will receive a Macbook Pro

On CPL plan:

  • 2500 Leads - you will receive an iPhone 12
  • 12,500 Leads - you will receive 2 iPhone 12s
  • 25,000 Leads - you will receive a Macbook Pro

For any further details about the March promotion or any other queries, please contact your NetoPartners affiliate manager.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion dates: 1-31 March, 2021.
  2. Affiliates will only be able to get one of the big prizes stated above.
  3. FTDs are calculated according to the statistics on our platform, My Affiliates, and will be counted for all NetoPartners partner brands.
  4. Winners will be notified by 15th April, 2021.
  5. The following traffic sources will be excluded from this promotion: incentive traffic and fraud traffic.
  6. Under such circumstances that we cannot provide the specific stated product as a prize, for any reason, NetoPartners reserves the right to offer you a product of equal value or the equivalent in cash. 


Spring promotion